hi! I'm a game designer and professor at Parsons School of Design in NYC.


Revolution schematic
Revolution playtest at UCLA’s Art|Sci Center

REVOLUTION from colleen macklin on Vimeo.

Microgames is a series of three 2-player games designed for iPad. Each game is meant to be played by two co-located players. The first of the series, Revolution, is based on atomic structures and the energy produced when particles collide. In it, players control a particle and try to to collide with as many photons as they can to gain mass. Colliding with each other is also possible, resulting in the release of a burst of photons and a decrease in mass. The game encourages the player to make quick strategic decisions between collecting photons and keeping the other player from gaining in mass by colliding with them. A round is over when one of the players reaches a ‘critical mass’.

Microgames is currently in production and will be out soon.