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Losswords is a Local No. 12 project, a company that I co-founded with John Sharp and Eric Zimmerman. Other Losswords team members are mentioned below.

Losswords is a word puzzle game for book lovers. Play over 20 unique puzzle types, build your library, and increase your literary smarts while enjoying your favorite books, from Pride and Prejudice to Alice in Wonderland.

The game mixes up passages from classic books through an infinite number of procedurally generated puzzles, from filling in blanks, swapping words, lines and letters, and even unscrambling anagrams.

Losswords includes dozens of literary classics from public domain book collections like the Project Gutenberg library. This is the first game where you can dive in and play with the actual written words from so many classic books. Losswords has been featured as a finalist at Indiecade and a selection of the Indie Megabooth at the 2019 Game Developer’s Conference.

The Losswords team includes: Peter Berry (programming), Diego Garcia (animation), Mehak Khan (literary curation), Alexander King (analytics and game design), Colleen Macklin (experience design and promotion), Tony Pizza (level design), John Sharp (art direction), and Eric Zimmerman (game design, producing).