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Outliars is 5-minute a game played by large audiences which plays with notions of the survey and large datasets, social savvy, and the concept of “yomi”, the internal thought-space of strategic multiplayer games. To play Outliars, audience members vote for one topic using double-sided red and blue cards. The goal is to stay in the minority – essentially to try to gauge which answer will be more popular with the group in the room and vote against the public sentiment. In Outliars, the minority rules!

Outliars debuted during my 5-minute Microtalk at the Game Developer’s Conference in March 2011. Over the course of 3.5 minutes, an audience of over 1,100 was carved down to one final “Outliar.”

Since its launch, Outliars has been “open-sourced” and adopted by other speakers to be played at other conferences and events.

Download a template for running your own version of Outliars here: