Game Designer / Professor / Optimist

Salon Cabal

A VJ duo including Colleen Macklin and William Stamper.

An environment made in the promising late-nineties Virtual Reality Modeling Language (VRML)

In the 90’s Salon Cabal was responsible for adding electronic eye-candy to the underground NYC illbient scene. Their techno-organic stylings could be found at events and venues as SoundLab, Pseudo, The Kitchen and Creative Time’s Art in the Anchorage.

Salon Cabal used vintage Casio keyboards, teletype machines, view-masters and a beautiful beige macintosh 840AV running VRML (remember virtual reality markup language?) and Macromedia Director to project live and interactive images on gigantic inflatables, walls, and dance floors.

Much of the documentation of Salon Cabal’s installations, as well as the events and venues they were part of, are lost within the fading memories of early digital cameras, syquest cartridges and outdated video formats.

The Video Organ, a live MIDI-controlled mixing environment made with Macromedia Director.