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The Metagame

The Metagame is a social card game about culture that encourages players to share their wildest and most intelligent ideas about everything – from Wonder Woman to the paintings of Jackson Pollock, unicorns to The Breakfast Club.

It’s also a game that has six different games to play. In the same way that a traditional deck of playing cards lets you play anything from solitaire to poker, The Metagame is like a game operating system with new games invented all the time.

You can buy The Metagame on Amazon, or download the full deck for free at

The Metagame is a project of Local No. 12, the Union of Design and Play which also includes John Sharp and Eric Zimmerman.

We have expansions! Film 101, Sci Fi and The Games Expansion with Shut Up & Sit Down!

There is also a special Queer Edition of the Metagame, a set of 30 limited edition cards originally designed for the 2015 Different Games Conference.

More Metagame images:

Metagame Cards