The Metagame: Culture Edition

The Metagame: Culture Edition takes the past century of culture as its field of play. Which is more poetic: Tetris or To Kill a Mockingbird? Which is more influential: Duchamp’s Fountain or the Big Mac? The Metagame Culture Edition was commissioned for edition 17 of Esopus Magazine. The 120 removable cards included in each issue are the Metagame deck, and like regular playing cards, they can be used as the basis for a variety of games. Playing well requires cultural literacy, strategic thinking, and social negotiation skills.

Each copy of Esopus contained 120 removable game cards (there are 360 in total, spread across the print run in 3 different editions).

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The Metagame: Culture Edition was commissioned by Esopus. Collect all 3 decks in the November 2011 edition (number 17)