The Metagame is a social card game about culture that encourages players to share their wildest and most intelligent ideas about everything – from Wonder Woman to the paintings of Jackson Pollock, unicorns to The Breakfast Club.

It’s also a game that has six different games to play. In the same way that a traditional deck of playing cards lets you play anything from solitaire to poker, The Metagame is like a game operating system with new games invented all the time.

You can buy The Metagame on Amazon, or download the full deck for free at

The Metagame is a project of Local No. 12, the Union of Design and Play which also includes John Sharp and Eric Zimmerman.



card_3_Queer_aligned_cropThere is also a Queer Edition of the Metagame, originally designed for the 2014/2015 Different Games Conference. It’s not available yet, but will be sometime soon*…

The Queer edition is a set of 30 cards that can be used to infiltrate a deck of Metagame cards.

*late 2015!

More Metagame images:

comparison_4Metagame Cards